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Li-Ion Battery Lifetime Extension

Smart Grid Opportunities

Lithium batteries are increasingly used in smart grids for instance, at virtual power plants, reducing the carbon footprint of commercial and industrial facilities and enabling participation in frequency containment.

But they can service those installations more sustainably and more economically in colocation with flywheel technology.

Our Product

Flywheel energy storage can enable an increase in sustainability and bankability by increasing battery lifetime. 

This is accomplished by acting as a filter for the battery asset, handling the micro-cycles   at the origin of battery heating and their subsequent aging.

Simple Installation

The Teraloop Flywheel is a plug and play solution, managed by the Grid Connected AC Power Converter used by the battery installation. It is connected directly via a DC Link, or AC when more economical.


As part of a complete solution

Teraloop provides the hardware flywheel energy storage component, our system is deployed in partnership with a power system solution  provider and tailored to the needs of the customer.