Benefits to investors

Resource independence from Lithium

The availability of Lithium presents a significant cost-risk to its value chain, and is a sensitive geo-political/sustainability issue.


We provide an alternative to electrochemical batteries, using widely available materials. 

We are technology innovators

We are hardware-centred technology people, focused on solving the challenges of our electric future.


Our portfolio of intellectual property is widely applicable for licencing in the E-mobility / electrical generation and drive industries.

Access a value chain of our electric future

Capital is being divested from oil. We offer an opportunity to invest in the electrification of our energy system.

Our investors

Teraloop is funded by a blend of equity investors and public funding to deliver our breakthrough technology.

We are seeking to broaden our shareholder base and currently have a funding round open and welcome qualified investors who wish to join us.

The current equity investors are listed below:


The founders of Teraloop comprise experienced engineering and legal professionals. 

Krill Investments (EU)

Krill comprises experienced investors whose domain knowledge covers management, financing and investment in renewable energy assets.


Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Japan)

Yaskawa's capabilities in electromechanical systems have been a valuable addition to Teraloop's knowledge base, extending through control systems, testing and vacuum operation.


Non-diluting funds

Business Finland (formerly Tekes) recognises the value of Teraloop's innovation and the strategic importance of bringing the technology to the energy system.