Our Technology - Kinetic Energy Storage

We store energy in kinetic form by accelerating a rotating mass of Carbon Fibre Composite to high speed, using electric motor technology.

When energy is needed, we convert the kinetic energy back into electricity by operating the system as a generator.

Our unique configuration will evolve existing flywheel designs to provide up to 5 hours of energy supply from each unit, and which can be scaled to meet the needs of a rapidly growing market.


Magnetic levitation

The weight of the rotor is supported by passive magnetic levitation.  This is an efficient way to achieve the high rotational speeds required to store energy.


Efficiency matters in the energy industry ; in our sustainable future, up to one-third of all energy may pass through storage.  Energy that is lost during the conversion process, must be accounted for by building additional generating assets.


To provide  an effective system, we combine both proven and state-of-the-art technologies.  

Electromagnetic Stabilization

To achieve a rotational speed that maximises the "energy stored per unit mass", we use an advanced electromagnetic stabilization system.


This provides contact-free guidance of the rotor, and very low friction losses.

Charge / Discharge

Permanent Magnet motor / generator technology is used to maximize power-density and round-trip efficiency, while minimizing the size of ancillary equipment.