Our Vision  - fully renewable generation of electricity

The energy system of the future will provide fully renewable generation of electricity.

Our Mission

“To develop a sustainable grid-scale electrical Energy Storage System,  serving the “daily” market for energy use.”

How we do it

Managing the natural variability of these energy sources, without keeping back-up gas and coal-fired generation, requires cost-effective energy storage.

We are developing a highly effective storage device, that operates to smooth daily variations, where energy-storage is used most frequently.

Who we do it for

Our system addresses the needs of Energy Intensive Industries, where existing technology cannot reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Utilities will use our devices to stabilize grids, for example supplying fast-charging of electric vehicles, where uncertain demand and high rates of charge quickly reduce the life of batteries.

We provide daily storage for grid-services,  for example with wind and solar asset operators, who need co-located storage to smooth output from their arrays.

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 Positive impact

At Teraloop we deliver a product for the long term, designing for a circular economy and net-positive impact from the beginning. 

Operating underground, we present minimal visual and environmental footprint.

Our focus on Electric-Kinetic-Electric conversion of energy is driven by a desire to  provide an effective global energy system. 


We are committed to reusing all of our materials into the same value-chain, creating a “material bank” for a circular economy.