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Electric Vehicle Ultra-Fast Charging

Infrastructure Challenges

The low voltage electricity grid is not equipped to handle the growing need for ultra-fast charging.

With supercharging power levels of 350kW or higher expected to be widely adopted, the distribution grid will be insufficient to provide ultra-fast charging for multiple simultaneous charge events.

Enabling waypoint charging stations

Teraloop’s containerized array of flywheels, slowly charges from the low voltage distribution grid, to then ultra-fast charge the electric vehicle at 350kW or higher. The recharge cycle can be adapted to the headway through installation of local solar energy. Supercharging minimizes idling time. Once installed, the asset can operate over 25 years.

Simple Installation

Teraloop’s containerised system is a plug and play solution. It is added to the existing architecture, connecting  directly to the DC link.

Teraloop’s ultra-fast charge assist enables more charge events without impacting the distribution grid.

This ultimately reduces the need for investment in low voltage distribution grid and medium voltage transmission line upgrades.


As part of a complete solution

Teraloop provides the hardware energy storage component, our system is tailored to the needs of the customer. 

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For eCars

For eBuses