Microgrid Optimisation

Frequent Power Outages

Local diesel and hybrid micro-grids are subject to numerous, short power outages. More than 80% of power outages last for less than a second and 97% of them last for less than 3 seconds.

Average Length of Outages


Costs of Outages 

Local Energy Users

Many commercial and industrial installations or communities connected to rural microgrids or even urban grids in developing economies suffer from: repeated outages, and voltage  fluctuation.


This causes loss of production and earnings, damage to reputation, increased labor, engine repair and maintenance, diesel costs and break-down of electrical appliances.

Costs of Outages

GENSET Operators

Independent Power Producers with gas generator sets operating in unreliable electricity grid suffer from: gas engines tripping at full load during an outage; increased repair and servicing costs; loss of production when the grid is not available.

Power Management Solutions

Flywheel based fault ride-through and Flywheel based voltage stabilisation: To enable uninterruptible high-quality power supply to the load until a back-up generator is up and running or the power outage is over. 

Micro-grid optimisation services: We have the right resources to perform detailed electric system analysis, in order to propose the right solution. This may involve hybrid systems, additional renewable generation, electric grid upgrade, or others.

Solutions for Gas GENSET Operators

Electrical system retrofitting/optimisation: We have the capacity to analyse and design hybrid systems, additional renewable generation, electric grid upgrade, or others. 

Flywheel energy storage based fault ride-through: Especially in grids with frequent outages and power quality problems, often the addition of flywheel technology in itself is sufficient to secure continuous supply of power while improving its quality.