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Teraloop showcased in Clic Innovation's final report

Teraloop is thankful to be showcased as an investment opportunity in the final report from Clic Innovation's FLEXe Demo and CEMBioFlex projects.

Both projects "advanced endeavours to establish a demonstration in Åland Islands of a future flexible energy system based on 100% variable renewable energy production. Both projects were funded by Business Finland, and several companies (UMP, Valmet, ABB, Fortum, Landskapsregering, and Mariehamns Elnät)." - Clic Innovation

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The joint report, published today, establishes the key results and conclusions from the two projects. It is available here.

This follows Teraloop's active support of the ecosystem - in partnership with Pöyry, in providing further understanding of the potential added value energy storage could bring in the Åland energy grid. Teraloop's support consisted of energy system modeling services, establishing and comparing different future scenarios of renewable energy penetration colocated with energy storage.

"We support the transition towards a 100% renewable energy grid on a global level, initiatives such as this are paving the way to a more sustainable and ultimately better future. We will continue playing our part in bringing the necessary knowledge to the decision makers in order to help them take informed choices in this ongoing transition." - Philippe Pépin, Teraloop COO