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Fully Sustainable

Grid Scale Energy Storage

A flexible design, tailored to the needs of the energy transition.

Teraloop's Flywheel

Teraloop's patented flywheel technology is scalable from several kilowatts to megawatt class both per device or in array.

Its properties enables low cost of ownership in demanding applications difficult to service for current technologies.

  • >95% round trip efficiency.

  • 100% depth of discharge

  • 25+ years of service with no performance degradation

  • Unlimited daily cycling

The Sustainable Choice for Energy Storage

Teraloop is driven by principles of circular economy from design to implementation and is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Teraloop’s hubless rotor design first can store >5 times more energy per unit mass than a solid rotor. Our solution involves low embodied energy in manufacture. Teraloop’s materials innovation finally include sustainable precursors for carbon fibre (bio-based CF), functional carbon fibre resin polymer for cost reduction, CF recycling

Teraloop Hybrid

Battery Life Extension

Reduce pressure on critical raw materials by increasing the battery lifetime while increasing the bankability of your smart grid projects with Teraloop.

Teraloop UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supply

For datacenters, industry and micro-grids

Flywheels have a demonstrated track record in UPS applications. Their durability and sustainability make them an attractive solution for those looking for cleaner alternatives. Teraloop paves the way ahead with its sustainable material innovation programme. 

Energy being stored kinetically makes our flywheels firesafe.

Teraloop Wayside

Wayside Energy Storage

Metros and trams

Urban transit systems can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption through regenerative breaking solutions. Flywheels are best suited for such demanding applications.

Teraloop Supercharge

Electric Vehicle Ultra-Fast Charging

The low voltage electricity grid is not equipped to handle the growing need for ultra-fast charging. Teraloop's technology generates substantial savings by avoiding otherwise expensive infrastructure upgrades to the local electricity grid.

Microgrid Optimisation

Local diesel and hybrid micro-grids are subject to numerous, short power outages, voltage fluctuation and breakdown of electrical appliances.​ More than 97% of power outages last for less than 3 seconds. We tailor our solutions to the exact needs and preferences of project beneficiaries.

Teraloop Retrofit