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Uninterruptible Power Supply applications

Micro-grids, datacenters, industry and other facility operators

Blackouts and voltage fluctuation challenges

Unpredictable blackouts and voltage fluctuations can jeopardise reliable facility operation. This includes damages to equipment, loss of production, break in services and more. About 15-20 seconds of UPS is required until the backup power generation becomes fully operational and synchronized. 

Teraloop can help increase the durability of existing UPS systems.


Lead acid batteries are the established market leader as the energy storage solution for datacenter UPS, followed by lithium batteries. 

The addition of Teraloop helps keeping the lights on with minimal additional carbon footprint. 

The sustainable option in energy storage for UPS

Flywheels are an established solution for UPS applications. They are the most reliable solution for very short power outages that last for 15 to 20 seconds as well as power quality issues. This can be sufficient for operators who are confident in their ability to start a backup generator.


With a durability of 25 years, Teraloop's flywheel is entirely recyclable, energy efficient and reliable. Our efforts in sustainable material development further puts us a step ahead of competing technologies.