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Teraloop offers kinetic energy storage solutions for EV fast- and ultra-fast charging

Solutions for EV fast and ultra-fast charging

Electric cars during fast charge. Teraloop´s flywheel can support the distribution grid when multiple charge events occur simultaneously

Charging stations´challenges

Teraloop´s solutions help the Charging Point Operators (CPO) facing the challenges represented by the increasing power requirement for DC fast and ultra-fast charging for eCars, eBuses and eTrucks.

With supercharging power levels of 150kW or higher expected to be widely adopted, the distribution grid will be insufficient to provide ultra-fast charging for multiple simultaneous charge events, with the risk of generating high demand charges and congestion of the EV charging station.


Enabling efficient and convenient charging

Teraloop’s containerized array of flywheels slowly charges from the low voltage distribution grid, to then ultra-fast charge the electric vehicle at 150kW or higher, minimizing idling times.

Our plug-and-play solutions can be added to the existing architecture, connecting directly to the DC link. This enables EV fast charging operators to avoid investing in a new medium voltage connection and low voltage distribution grid upgrades, providing very high return on investment in Teraloop’s energy storage solution.

The advantages of Teraloop´s solutions to foster a greener world.


  • Our easy to install kinetic energy storage solutions can operate over 25 years. 
  • The system is tailored to the needs of the customer and the recharge cycle can be adapted to the traffic through installation of local solar energy. 
  • The system can work as a stand alone solution or as a hybrid system with a battery bank. A hybrid Teraloop system enables keeping battery cycling and the battery cell temperature at an appropriate level, thus effectively extending the lifetime of a battery-only energy storage solution.