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Working towards a fully renewable generation of electricity

We believe in the energy transition as the way to mitigate the acceleration of climate change.
To finally provide a real alternative to fossil fuels, we need to find ways to overcome the unpredictability of renewable sources,
especially in industrial applications. That's why we are creating sustainable energy storage solutions, with the goal to build a better future
for the whole Earth.

Our Vision


Sustainable Mobility

Flywheels and hybrid systems can support light rail transport by enabling the recovery of energy through regenerative braking, and electric vehicle charging stations with storage solutions that do not require any major grid upgrade. 

This results in a reduction both in costs and in the carbon footprint of the infrastructure.


Distributed Energy

Our flywheel technology works perfectly in combination with batteries, for example in Virtual Power Plants, and renewable energy sources, to create more durable, economical and environmentally friendly systems.
In smart grids, datacenters and other industrial uses, flywheels are the most reliable solution for short blackouts and voltage fluctuation

Teraloop Flywheel

From several kilowatts to megawatt class, either per device or in array:
we can devise the most suitable energy storage solution for your industry.

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Teraloop Hubless Flywheel

Sustainability to boost performances

The continuous research of innovative materials enables improved efficiency, lower costs, and reduced environmental impact.

The hubless rotor design can store over 5 times more energy per unit mass than a solid rotor, and the advanced electromagnetic stabilization system provides zero friction, making our solutions firesafe.

Teraloop Technology


Teraloop's patented flywheel technology is scalable, efficient and sustainable.

Our energy storage system operates in synergy with renewable generation assets, balancing the natural variation of supply and demand. It can also be used to support battery storage, since flywheels endure frequent charging and discharging better than batteries. This makes flywheels ideal for critical industrial applications difficult to address for other technologies.

Discover more on how Teraloop´s technologies and materials provide ecological and commercially valuable solutions.

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Teraloop´s flywheel technology is a member of the European Project IANOS (IntegrAted SolutioNs for the DecarbOnization and Smartification of Islands), with a pilot on Terceira Island, in the Azores.

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Teraloop project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements 816728 and 858355

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Teraloop’s hubless flywheel solution for battery lifetime extension, fast EV charging, microgrid optimisation and retrofitting has been awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label, a proof of high standards in profitability and sustainability.

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We are working with Aalto University to research and develop biobased and functional composite materials in order to advance the sustainability and performance of our product.

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Business Finland has provided invaluable support for both matched-funding and business network development, both locally and overseas.

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Yaskawa Electric Corporation completed a strategic investment in Teraloop during March 2017. This equity investment enabled Teraloop to accelerate the steps needed to bring its storage solution to the market. The financing allowed the prototype to be finalised for a complete simulation in commercial working conditions.

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Latest news

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Teraloop´s flywheels arrays for distributed energy applications 25 Nov 2020

Path to energy storage with net positive impact

Flywheels can decrease the negative environmental impacts of batteries, such as critical raw material depletion. This can be done e.g. by co-location of flywheels and batteries, which extends battery lifetime.

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Go_Carbon_Fibre.jpg 20 Apr 2021

Meet us at GO Carbon Fibre 2021

Teraloop's Chief Sustainability Officer Meri Lundahl is going to address various topics at GO Carbon Fibre 2021, 27th - 28th April online.

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Terceira_Azore.png 20 Oct 2020

Teraloop to Pilot on Terceira Island, Azores

With financial support from the European Commission in the framework of Horizon 2020, Teraloop will pilot its flywheel energy storage technology on Terceira Island, Azores archipelago.

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