A Flexible Solution Tailored to the Needs of the Energy Transition.

Teraloop's Flywheel

Teraloop is a grid-scale energy storage system that can sustainably service niche markets difficult to address for current technologies. Our system operates in synergy with renewable generation assets, balancing the natural variation of supply and demand. By enabling a fully renewable electricity generation system, it can safeguard the World’s resources for future generations.

The Sustainable Choice for Energy Storage

Imagine a way to store energy that can meet the needs of the population, and provides a zero-waste solution that respects the Earth’s natural resources. Growth no longer needs to come at the detriment of our environment. This is our long-term sustainable, renewable and circular vision.

Optimal Solution for Applications Demanding Multiple Daily Cycles.

Designed by a Diverse, Multinational Team of Motivated Smart People.

From the innovation hub of Finland's Aalto University, Teraloop have leveraged the knowledge and support of world leading experts, including renowned technology developers VTT.

Our growing internal team originates from more than 11 different countries, and holds complementary skills that can service the whole value chain. This includes more than five doctoral graduates, seven masters level graduates, and 4 highly skilled technicians with hands on experience. 

We drive the development with a core engineering team, drawing expertise from leading consultants and manufacturers.  

Supported by the right Partner Network.


Yaskawa Electric Corporation completed a strategic investment in Teraloop during March 2017.  This equity investment enabled Teraloop to accelerate the steps needed to bring its storage solution to the market; the financing allowing the prototype to be finalised for a complete simulation in commercial working conditions. The full details can be read here


Thinking Circular are actively supporting Teraloop,  enlarging our business network, and helping to develop pilot and commercialization activities.


Finnish research agency VTT provided feasibility assessment and design guidance for the Teraloop concept. We continue to work with VTT on projects that support the advancement of energy storage technology.


Pöyry PLC  performed a technical audit of our concept, and will accompany us throughout the delivery of our development phases. 

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Business Finland have provided invaluable support for both matched-funding and business network development, both locally and overseas. 


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements 816728 and 858355


We are working with Aalto University to research and develop biobased and functional composite materials in order to advance the sustainability and performance of our product. 

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Teraloop’s hubless flywheel solution for battery lifetime extension, fast EV charging, and microgrid optimisation and retrofitting has been awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label, a proof of high standards in profitability and sustainability.