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Grid support and colocation with renewables


Power fluctuations and variable renewables

The variation in grid frequency is accentuated by the increasing penetration of variable renewable energy into the grid, and the decommissioning of legacy power generation addressing the base load. As this occurs, the grid´s resilience and stability decrease.

Teraloop´s flywheels can support the grid and help solve the problem of clean energy supply shortfalls when there is insufficient sun or wind.


Our hubless flywheels harness kinetic energy from the grid at times of over-supply, to then release it in case of of supply shortfalls.

Both as standalone systems for participation in grid frequency containment reserve markets (FCR/FFR), or through co-location of flywheel assets with variable renewable energy generation, our solutions provide additional flexibility to the system.
Flywheels can also significantly accelerate the authorization procedure of variable renewable energy asset deployment.

Teraloop´s offerings enable powering grids with renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, reducing the carbon footprint of the infrastructure while keeping the quality and supply of electricity stable.

Containerized array of Teraloop´s flywheels


Teraloop´s flywheels charge rapidly and can release large amounts of power quickly. Their energy storage level does not reduce with repeated use, and their run-time performance will always stay the same.

Energy being stored kinetically makes our solutions firesafe.

Teraloop's hubless flywheels are energy efficient and reliable, with a service life of more than 25 years.

The materials used to produce them are environmentally friendly and can be reused.

Finally, they take up very little space.