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Microgrid optimization and retrofitting


Microgrids´quality issues

Many micro-grids, whether they are industrial, commercial, rural or on islands, suffer from repeated blackouts and voltage fluctuation.
Most power failures last less than 3 seconds, nevertheless they can cause economic loss to business, service interruptions, increased infrastructure costs, and a general decrease in the quality of life.

Independent Power Producers with gas generator sets working in unreliable electricity grids often experience gas engines tripping at full load during an outage. This causes substantial servicing and repair costs as well as loss of production. Teraloop’s kinetic energy storage effectively solves this problem, enabling increased energy sales and savings.

Furthermore, a grid-connected microgrid is required to have Faults Ride-Through (FRT) capabilities and provide supplementary services during abnormal grid operation.


Tailored energy storage solutions for microgrids

Our hub-less flywheel solutions enable powering microgrids with renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, while keeping the quality of the electricity stable.

Teraloop can perform detailed analysis for microgrids and Gas GENSET Operators, to propose the right solution for retrofitting and system optimization, ranging from hybrid systems to additional renewable generation, electric grid upgrade, or others.
In micro-grids with frequent outages and power quality problems, the addition of a flywheel is often sufficient to secure continuous supply of power while improving its quality.

Our energy storage solutions enable uninterruptible high-quality power supply to the load until a back-up generator is up and running or the power outage is over. The system optimization can lead to significant cost savings and may enable increased revenues for microgrid operators.

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Teraloop´s hubless flywheel is firesafe, has unlimited daily cycling and can operate for over 25 years.

Our materials innovation programme enables us to offer a sustainable and recyclable solution to effectively impact on carbon emissions.

The hubless rotor design can store over 5 times more energy per unit mass than a solid rotor, while the advanced electromagnetic stabilization system provides low friction for improved efficiency.