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17 Sep 2020

Join Us At The Future Mobility Awards Ceremony With MobilityXlab

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Teraloop was nominated as co-finalist with Celcibus in the Sustainability track by MobilityXlab for the Future Mobility Awards. The winner will be announced on October 6th as part of the Future Mobility Awards ceremony starting online at 15h15 CEST. You can register online here. 

About the competition:

The Future Mobility Awards recognizes startups and scaleups bringing the best new innovations to the industry. The need to innovate is more important than ever and all entrants to the Future Mobility Award have the potential to make a great impact and difference for the modern world as well as future mobility.

About Teraloop's entry in the competition: 

Teraloop is a sustainability-driven startup developing scalable kinetic energy storage, to help optimize generation, distribution and consumption of electrical power. In the mobility sector,Teraloop's innovative flywheel solution provides efficient and powerful energy storage to help solving the infrastructure problems hampering the global EV uptake. Through the deployment of the Teraloop solution, expensive infrastructure upgrades needed to charge EVs can be avoided, thus making EV-charging viable also at remote locations. By increasing charger availability and convenience, more drivers will be convinced to switch to EVs. 

"This nomination is an encouraging recognition by industry of the value of Teraloop's offering for electric vehicle fast and ultrafast charging." - Philippe Pépin, COO for Teraloop

About the Sustainability track:

Sustainability is critical to the success of future businesses and at the core of driving prosperity and providing the freedom to move. We are committed to conducting business responsibly and are engaged in the UN Global Compact to implement universal sustainability principles and support the Sustainable Development Goals to build a more sustainable future.

In this category we are looking for startups committed to building a responsible business and working towards a more sustainable future for this industry. 

More details are available in the MobilityXlab's publication here.