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Teraloop kinetic energy storage in an EV fast charging station
5 Oct 2020

Maksim Sokolov Appointed As Lead Control Systems Engineer

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Let us introduce our new Lead Control Systems Engineer Maksim Sokolov.

Maksim is finishing his Doctoral degree in the field of Electric Drives in Aalto University. Over the last five years his research has been focused specifically on magnetically levitated machines and design of control systems for them. Now Maksim is joining the Teraloop team to apply his academic knowledge and experience to the levitation control of our flywheels.


"Magnetic levitation has great potential in the future to replace the only part in our electric motors that limits their lifetime - mechanical bearings. However, designing and reliably controlling a magnetically levitated rotor is quite a non-trivial, multidisciplinary challenge. But if this challenge is properly solved, it unlocks a myriad of advantages enabling high-speed electric machines to reach their full potential. Not to mention the coolness factor."

- Maksim Sokolov