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20 Apr 2021

Meet Us At GO Carbon Fibre 2021

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How to get more out of biobased materials as carbon fibre precursors?

Can the carbonisation of cellulose be aided by blending it with nanoscale carbon materials?

What would be the impact of high-modulus biobased carbon fibre on kinetic energy storage?

Teraloop's Chief Sustainability Officer Meri Lundahl is going to address these topics at GO Carbon Fibre 2021, 27th - 28th April online.

We started research on biobased carbon fibre substitution in flywheels two years ago. So far, we have studied the impact of nanocarbon additives on cellulosecarbonisation as well as the potential for carbon dioxide avoidance in flywheels via substitution with biobased carbon fibre. The main challenges include: 

How to make biobased fibres carbonise with sufficient graphite-like structure development, orientation and uniformity?

How to ensure emission savings during carbonisation and prevent the compensation of the decreased carbon footprint with excessive increase of water footprint?

We will continue this discussion at GO Carbon Fibre 2021. Hope to see you there!