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24 Sep 2020

Meri Lundahl Appointed As Chief Sustainability Officer

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Dr. Meri Lundahl has started as Teraloop’s first Chief Sustainability Officer. Through this new position, we aim to raise sustainability issues even higher on our agenda, both internally and externally.


Since the beginning, Teraloop has been driven by a strong desire for a radical contribution to sustainability. As we evolve towards commercial operation, we aim to make circular economy and net positive impact our competitive edge. That is why part of Meri’s new role is to identify the most significant impacts of our technology as well as strategies to minimise the negative ones and amplify the positive.

This will require an increasingly analytic approach to our impacts during our whole product life cycle. Also, the development of products and business models needs to be integrated behind the same goal, and a variety of partnerships is necessary to ensure that we fulfil our intention of truly net positive impact.

This is Meri’s second year at Teraloop and she has already started several initiatives for improving our product’s sustainability, such as considering alternative sources for carbon fibres. In the new position, Meri is starting with enthusiasm.

“I find this an ideal opportunity to influence the company to move towards a meaningful direction that provides real, future-proof solutions. Though it surely is a big challenge as the questions tend to be systemic and complex. For example, if we replace an epoxy resin in the flywheel rotor with a recyclable option that allows compliance with circular economy, we may need to use a resin that is produced on a smaller a scale and with a less optimised process, which may increase the carbon footprint in the short term. Sorting out these kinds of puzzles is what makes work interesting.”