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21 Mar 2022

Teraloop power-on-demand to be installed in the Portuguese island of Terceira

The goal: to reduce annual turnover losses caused by outages

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Teraloop power-on-demand to be installed in the Portuguese island of Terceira

According to Technavio, an average of 30% annual turnover is lost due to electric outages in addition to the loss of service for domestic customers and increased diesel and infrastructure costs for ESOs/TSOs, industry and communities.

The goal of finding a sustainable solution for voltage variations will be a reality in the Portuguese island of Terceira located in the Atlantic Ocean. The IANOS (IntegrAted SolutioNs for the DecarbOnization and Smartification of Islands) project was launched in October 2020. The project focuses on creating cooperation between traditional and sustainable energy sources and is supported by the EC’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency.

Teraloop’s system will provide energy stability and prevent revenue losses caused by power variations. A flywheel that will be located at an end user point suffering from voltage variations is one of the largest hardware components to be installed in the Terceira ecosystem. A local dairy factory, located in the metropolitan area of Angra do Heroísmo, will receive Teraloop’s hub-less flywheel system to mitigate the impacts that outages and reconnections may have on their delicate pasteurisation processes.

Teraloop is a critical partner for the project’s success

Electricidade dos Azores (EDA), the key project partner, is the entity responsible for the electric system in Terceira (Azores). EDA is working in partnership with more than 20 entities to successfully complete the IANOS project; it is responsible for the “Island Decarbonization Masterplan” and coordinating the implementation activities in Terceira. Paulo Bermonte and Felipe Mendonça, representatives of EDA highlighted the technological innovation element of the project: “the possibility to test the innovative systems and solutions proposed in IANOS is also of great importance given the possibility of future replication in the remaining electric systems of the Azores.

The IANOS project will benefit 3.5% of European citizens living on 2,700 islands across the European continent. The support received from European public and private investors for Teraloop’s product design and assembly in the Otaniemi innovation center located in Espoo, Finland reaffirms Europe’s commitment to sustainable energy production and management.