Our Vision  - fully renewable generation of electricity

The energy system of the future will provide fully renewable generation of electricity.


Managing the natural variability of these energy sources, without also keeping back-up Gas and Coal based generation,  requires energy storage. 

We recognize the need for a high efficiency storage device, which minimizes the amount of energy infrastructure needed, and operates to smooth daily variations where energy-storage is used most frequently. 

Industrial-scale storage

Our initial target market is industrial power management, where cost avoidance and opportunistic revenue generation drive the fastest-growing stationary storage opportunities.

We meet this need with a scalable system, providing multi-Mega-Watt-hour installations.

Our design provides storage with high reliability, to maximize revenues and minimize capital expenditure. 

The concept of availability extends to the raw materials and time-scales for meeting our storage needs. Our choice of design and materials ensures that we can continue to deliver.

 Positive impact

At Teraloop we deliver a product for the long term, designing for a circular economy and net-positive impact from the beginning. 

Operating underground, we present minimal visual and environmental footprint.

Our focus on Electric-Kinetic-Electric conversion of energy is driven by a desire to minimize the total resources required to provide a global energy system. 


We provide the highest round-trip efficiency of all energy storage conversion processes (others include Li-ion, Redox-flow, Power-To-X, CAES, Molten Salt), as every watt counts to achieve a fully renewable energy system. 

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