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Our Vision  - fully renewable generation of electricity

The energy system of the future needs to and will provide fully renewable generation of electricity. We shall eventually run out of fossil-fuel-based sources of energy generation. Their impact on the acceleration and continuation of climate change must be urgently mitigated.

Managing the natural variability of renewable sources of energy, without also resorting to back-up gas- and coal-based generation, requires energy storage.

We recognise the need for a high-efficiency storage device, which minimises the amount of energy infrastructure needed. It needs to smooth daily variations of energy generation.

Our design provides energy storage with the highest reliability, to maximise revenues and minimise capital expenditure.

Our goal – prosperity through access to sustainable energy

Providing access to energy is the single most effective way to reduce poverty. Our business is all about facilitating that process in a sustainable way by enabling access to increasingly renewable energy. Our goal is to be able to provide high-technology solutions which help to bring about better prosperity, inclusive business, local economic development, and increased resilience, capacity and well-being of our customers and other project beneficiaries.


We provide energy storage solutions which help to stabilise the natural intermittency of solar and wind energy and provide protection against power quality issues and power outages. Our engineering expertise and project development business help to optimise the functionality of existing energy infrastructure.

Our mission – enabling sustainable energy value chain

Our proprietary technology and project business address the needs of the whole energy value chain from power generation to transmission and distribution and consumption. We identify and analyse root causes of problems in energy systems. We find solutions that are both technically and financially viable. We provide those solutions in ways that match local requirements and have real positive impact on project beneficiaries.


With our partners, we keep supporting them after we serve them. The energy value chain provides a backbone to the functionality of the modern society. Teraloop’s mission is to help that backbone to perform its duty in a cost-efficient and sustainable way.

Sustainability and Positive Impact

At Teraloop, we deliver a product for the long term, designing for a circular economy and net-positive impact from the beginning. We are there to contribute to closing the loop for material usage and way of producing and storing energy. This is the foundation and future legacy of our company.

Our operations are based on following and promoting ethical and otherwise sustainable ways of conducting business. Please read our Business Integrity Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

With the possibility of operating underground combined with circularity of materials used and service contracts including end-of-life management, our energy storage system solutions present minimal visual and environmental footprint.

Our kinetic energy storage system provides the highest round-trip efficiency of all energy storage conversion processes. Every watt counts to achieve a fully renewable energy system.