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Teraloop´s flywheels arrays for distributed energy applications 25 Nov 2020

Path to energy storage with net positive impact

Flywheels can decrease the negative environmental impacts of batteries, such as critical raw material depletion. This can be done e.g. by co-location of flywheels and batteries, which extends battery lifetime.

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Terceira_Azore.png 20 Oct 2020

Teraloop to Pilot on Terceira Island, Azores

With financial support from the European Commission in the framework of Horizon 2020, Teraloop will pilot its flywheel energy storage technology on Terceira Island, Azores archipelago.

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Mobility_xlab.jpg 7 Oct 2020

Teraloop wins Future Mobility Award for Sustainability

Teraloop's plans for EV fast charging support caught the attention of the judges at the MobilityXlab awards.

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Maksim_Sokolov.png 5 Oct 2020

Maksim Sokolov appointed as Lead Control Systems Engineer

Let us introduce our new Lead Control Systems Engineer Maksim Sokolov.

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Meri_Lundahl_CSO.png 24 Sep 2020

Meri Lundahl appointed as Chief Sustainability Officer

Dr. Meri Lundahl has started as Teraloop’s first Chief Sustainability Officer.

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Future_mobility_Award_event.png 17 Sep 2020

Join us at the Future Mobility Awards ceremony with MobilityXlab

Teraloop was nominated as co-finalist with Celcibus in the Sustainability track by MobilityXlab for the Future Mobility Awards.

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