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Teraloop Power Loop 250 details

Power Loop 1000

More power in less space

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Power Loop 1000 - Teraloop P1000 flywheel

Teraloop Flywheel

Power Loop 1000

With a footprint of less than 1 m2, this flywheel will be ideal when both space saving and high power are requested. Larger power storage capacity per device translates into an even more significant drop in the cost per kW.

The plug-and-play solution can be connected either to AC or DC, with the possibility to install containerized arrays with multiple flywheels. 

Installation can be performed underground or in a container or as bolted to a concrete floor.

Low maintenance thanks to its smart monitoring and contact free operation, the flywheel is fire safe and recyclable.


  • Power rating: up to 1000 kW
  • Energy capacity: 20-40 kWh
  • Round Trip Efficiency DC 95%
  • Round Trip Efficiency AC 90%
  • Response time: 20 ms
  • Number of cycles: Unlimited
  • Connection: 400-690 VAC (600-1000 VDC)
  • Specific Power: 1 MW/m2
  • Lifetime: 25+ years
  • Mass: 4000 kg
  • Footprint < 1 m2