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Teraloop Power Loop 250 details

Power Loop 250

Reinventing kinetic energy storage

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Teraloop P250 - hubless flywheel Power Loop 250

Teraloop Flywheel

Power Loop 250

Available as a plug-and-play solution for both AC and DC connection, the flywheel occupies less than 1 m2 and can be installed underground or in external containers, on concrete floors.

Larger capacity systems with multiple flywheels can be created to match the needs of the client, decreasing the cost per kW.
We offer the possibility to select the motor topology to create the perfect balance between efficiency and self-discharge rate.

Low maintenance thanks to its smart monitoring and contact free operation, the flywheel is fire safe and recyclable. 

Dimensions: 0,8 x 0,8 x 1 m


  • Nominal power: 250 kW
  • Peak power: 400 kW
  • Energy capacity: 6-10 kWh
  • Round Trip Efficiency DC ≈ 95%
  • Round Trip Efficiency AC ≈ 90%
  • Response time: 20 ms
  • Number of cycles: Unlimited
  • Connection: 400-690 VAC (600-1000 VDC)
  • Lifetime: 25+ years with no performance degradation
  • Specific Power: 0.25 MW/m2
  • Mass: 1400 kg
  • Footprint < 1 m2